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Everything I have ever done was for you.

The only thing I ever cared about was watching your back.

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Name:Sebastian Monroe
Birthdate:Apr 6
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
"Everything I have ever done was for you."
"The only thing I ever cared about was watching your back."

Character: Sebastian "Bass" Monroe
Series: Revolution
Character Information: Sebastian Monroe on Revolution Wiki
"I don't think a man like that can be mended, but he can be useful."

Canon Points of Play:
  • For [community profile] amatomnes: Near the end of the graphic novel finale.

  • For [community profile] bakerstreet: All over the place unless specified. I mostly do posts that can be taken from any point in canon, including pre-Blackout

Physical Description: Bass is 5'11” tall. He’s all lean muscle after years of post-apocalyptic survival and his vocation as a warrior. Even as President of the Monroe Republic, he kept in shape to be on top of his game in personal combat, and in the months he has been on his own he has been making his way as a fighter, so has gotten in even better shape. He does have quite a few scars from battles scattered over his skin. The most notable is on his left forearm—a large, jagged circle where it looks like something was cut or burned off. His hair is dark blond and curly. He tries to tame the curls when he has the means and time, but lately they’ve tended toward longer and unruly. His usual clean-shaven look has lately shifted to something far scruffier, as well, while he’s been on the road, which makes him look closer to his age. His two most notable features are his eyes, which are a startling shade of blue and his smile, when he chooses to use it. When out of uniform with his choice of clothing, he tends to be a jeans and t-shirts guy, very comfortable in his own skin.

  • For [community profile] amatomnes: Identifies as heterosexual, with an exception reserved for Miles Matheson. (Though, given the nature of the game, I'm sure he'll wind up exploring all sorts of things).

  • Head canon/All other play: Identifies as bisexual.
"I want you to come back."

Disclaimers and Warnings:
  • Bass is a fictional character on NBC's Revolution. As such, he is the property of J.J. Abrams, Eric Kripke, NBC and probably a whole host of people not me. I am just borrowing him for RP and fic purposes. No infringement is intended.

  • Bass is played by David Lyons. David is not associated with this journal in any way.

  • Mun and muse are both well over 21.

  • This journal is likely to contain material consisting of violence and sex, including slash. If you are underage or offended by such, please do not read.

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charlie matheson, miles back, miles matheson, payback, power, rachel matheson, reconciliation with miles, revenge, there's a theme
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